Habib Díaz Noriega has extensive experience in dispute resolution concerning several areas of law (i.e. constitutional, amparo, bankruptcy, IP, civil, commercial, family and administrative matters).

He is a well known amparo expert (constitutional review process) and has also represented foreign companies in different industries against the Mexican Federal government concerning government contracts before the courts in Mexico.

Habib is familiar with the US court system due to his continuous involvement as legal advisor or expert witness (i.e. forum-non-conveniens, long arm statute, discovery, e-discovery, depositions, affidavits, declaration before court, etc).

Mr. Díaz Noriega has represented individuals in family law controversies comprising divorce, alimony, relocation of minors, physical custody, international child abduction, wrongful retention of minors, domestic abuse, mirroring foreign rulings, recognition of parentage, marital agreements, spousal indemnification, parental rights, among others.

Representative recent cases

Co-counseled with Alfonso Sepúlveda a number of US Law Firms in various product liability cases initiated before the US courts against US companies due to car accidents occurred all over Mexico in which the petitioners claimed a millionaire figure.

Co-counseled with Alfonso Sepúlveda well reputed US Law Firms to prepare the defense of several US Oil Companies to oppose to all Mexican government entity claims.

Assisted a foreign financial entity to gain leverage before its debtor in order to renegotiate a $15.5 million dollars outstanding amount and obtain payment. Nowadays, such debt was paid in full by debtor.

Provided his testimony before a federal court in connection with the Mexican Law System.

Mr. Díaz Noriega co-counseled with Alfonso Sepúlveda some foreign financial entities which were facing a $60 million dollars claim brought before the Mexican Federal courts by the Mexican government as to a distressed assets management agreement. Due to his participation in that case, the above mentioned entities reached a settlement agreement for a substantial lower sum.

Effectively provided appropriate legal advice in a bankruptcy procedure for a Mexican financial in order to obtain a better position from the other creditors to collect a $6 million dollar amount derived from a loan agreement.

Represented a company in the field of energy in an amparo proceeding (constitutional review process) initiated to have a lower court order reversed. Accordingly such private company was awarded with an amount of $10 million dollars.

Assisted a foreign financial entity to obtain some leverage in order to renegotiate a $15.5 million dollars outstanding amount and obtain payment. Nowadays, such debt was paid in full by debtor.

Leading counsel for a transportation company in a complaint filed asserting a declaratory judgement so as for that entity to not be subject to any liability regarding a claim brought by a person alleging copyrights and neighboring rights. The end result of that proceeding was that the courts (trial court, appellate court and amparo court) considered that the above referred company was not liable and then free to exploit its concession for public transportation.

Acted as a clerk for an arbitrator as to a case in which the petitioner requested the termination of a master franchise agreement (a worldwide trademark was involved). His participation purpose was to ensure that all arbitration orders were issued in compliance with the Mexican public policy and according to human rights.

Has accurately provided expert witness opinions to the US courts and has been deposed by UK courts, in both cases in regards to family matters. Has also appeared before federal courts in order to give his testimony on Mexican law.

Legal advisor in several family law matters in domestic and cross-border litigation cases held before courts in Mexico involving mostly physical custody, recognition of parentage, alimony problems between Mexican citizens, foreigners, foreigners and Mexican citizens.