Luis Fuentes is a partner in SEPLAW| Sepúlveda y Díaz Noriega, S.C. since 2018. Mr. Fuentes is specialized in Civil, Commercial and Administrative Litigation and is a regular advisor to foreign companies regarding Private Data Protection, Product Liability, Telecommunication and Life Sciences.

Mr. Fuentes has experience in cross-border litigation, having the opportunity to advise major product brands regarding civil law liabilities and provide court representation through civil, commercial and administrative proceedings as well as at federal court in Amparo Proceedings, including challenges to new or existing laws as required by each case.

Representative recent cases

Along with representing Mexican Companies and Clients, Mr. Fuentes has represented American companies or their subsidiaries in tort claims, including cellular providers, tire companies, car manufacturers and oil companies against claims from the Mexican Government; also providing advise to a major company for the energy industry regarding real-state and rural law related claims.

Luis has had the opportunity to advise and provide legal representation in class actions proceedings.

Mr. Fuentes has also advised major social media companies and product developers regarding the Mexican regulatory framework involving telecommunications, private data protection and life sciences.

Mr. Fuentes has provided legal affidavits and testimony regarding federal proceedings in the U.S. related to the Mexican Law System.